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Setting & fees

Individual therapy

Psychotherapy for individuals
held in a 1:1 setting, i.e. psychotherapist-client. Here you  and your concerns are the focus. Relief from difficult life circumstances, space for yourself, getting to know yourself better, more clarity and much more can have a place in psychotherapy.

Couples therapy

Couples come to therapy together. However, instead of 50 minutes, a couples therapy session lasts
100 minutes. Couples therapy can help build mutual understanding. Respective points of view and needs can be clarified and recurring conflicts can be worked on.

Family therapy

Here all family members or individuals can be invited to a therapy session. The entire family system is involved in solving a problem.


With 100€ per session for individuals I charge the average price as a Psychotherapist in Vienna. In some cases I also offer limited income based fees and if you have insurance it is possible to get some of the cost refunded (if you have a doctor's referal).

More offers

Supervision & Coaching & Consulting

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