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Topics of expertise

People who go into psychotherapy discuss a wide variety of topics. My focus as a systemic psychotherapist results from my professional experience in recent years. These are:


  • Trauma or trauma therapy

Trauma is commonoverwhelming, life-threatening... an event outside of what the person is otherwise familiar with, combined with the conviction that you will never get over it, so bad that you afterwards think that it couldn't have happened, with enormous mental and/or physical pain connected, something that is broken down or even repressed by our brain.

Source: Michaela Huber, trauma and its consequences

The consequences of this can be long-lasting and serious. These sometimes show up in diffuse fears, Anightmares, "flashbacks", sleep disorders, jumpiness, difficulty concentrating or panic and depressive feelings, but also diffuse physical symptoms. 

  • Further focal points:


Separation, divorce, relationship and commitment issues

Crisis, stress, lack of perspective,Burnout & Burnout prevention


Depression, eating disorders, anxiety and panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, self-esteem and self-confidence

Children and young people (general, behavioral problems, adjustment disorders, consequences of parents' separation or divorce, etc.)


Self-experience, get to know yourself and your own patterns better

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